The 22nd World Cup is coming.
Another World Cup is about to take place, the whole world is eagerly waiting for the atmosphere of the biggest football festival on the planet. As diehard football fans and fans, we are proud to bring Mighty Kicks to the crypto market. So that all football lovers can live the sublime moments of real life with the game. Coming to Mighty Kicks not only satisfies the passion for football, everyone has the opportunity to make money from it.
Conceived and developed by a community of World Cup lovers and football fans, Mighty Kicks will be the leading product that will generate significant revenue for investors.
Mighty Kicks is a simulation football game, inspired by the most popular sport in the world, where anyone can earn money through their strategy and skills. Players will manage their collection of football player. Proceed for their football player to participate in in-game features. Every day each player will be restored to individual energy. With each football player's rarity, the player will experience shoot to earn at the game's Penalty feature. The more football player, the higher the rarity, and the players will have the opportunity to earn more tokens. Mighty Kicks is also attractive by the feature of PVP fighting between players based on their squad-building strategy. Each participating team needs to own a squad consisting of 1 coach and 5 players (must have a goalkeeper and 4 random players). Teams will register and compete against each other. The team that goes deep into the inner ring will have the opportunity to earn many tokens for themselves. With this feature, players can quickly duplicate the number of tokens earned. The game takes a percentage of the participation fee and removes the tokens from the ecosystem, actively manages the in-game economy and token inflation - key factors for success in games and earning money. Players can maximize their earnings by owning as many NFT football player as possible. More specifically, Mighty Kicks creates a lucky playground for those who believe in their luck. Players conduct staking tokens to receive the winning lottery ticket of the game. To ensure the safety of players, we limit the time to lock tokens at the staking feature to only 3 days. Lucky players will receive NFT football player with the highest rarity in the game and own a large number of tokens.
More specifically, Mighty Kicks is operated by The Game Oracle mechanism. The mechanism is safe and ensures optimal profits for investors.
Mighty Kicks brings the dream of creating, building, competing, and monetizing the playing field to an exponentially growing market of blockchain players. Our vision is to build the community and football game at Mighty Kicks into a recreational sports platform, increasing player income.