Why Mighty Kicks?

KICKS is a token built using blockchain technology to create new solutions that combine sports entertainment and monetization trends.
Mighty Kicks aims to be the most comprehensive sports blockchain ecosystem where fans can experience the game's features for themselves. Enjoy sports events, profit from unique sports NFTs, and generate revenue from in-game features.
Mighty Kicks is the complete synthesis ever of crypto games. At Mighty Kicks, players will experience integrated entertainment including kick-to-earn with oracle, prediction system, staking spin-to-earn, and DAO staking/voting.
Users receive tokens as rewards for completing certain game goals, such as completing quests, developing skills, participating in special events.
Users participate in K2E feature to win reward tokens every day Users can participate in token staking to win tokens, NFTs and other rewards.
Users can increase the value and monetize their NFT ownership in their game.
Users can generate profits from staking, yield farming, or exploit the liquidity of game-related tokens.
Mighty Kicks introduces an innovative and sustainable business model for video games. The game is designed not only to be fun and engaging, but also to allow players to earn tokens and NFTs that can earn money based on skill and time invested in the game.